We want to help academics get the most value from their molecules, initiate new collaborations and revolutionise how molecules are shared. Chemex is a platform where chemists can display any molecule they have synthesised in the past, whether this is their signature molecule, an intermediate or an unpublished side-product. By placing the molecules on the platform, scientists from all over the world can see them, appreciate them and make contact to discuss potential collaborative interactions.

Best of all, everything is free


While being in academia, I have prepared hundreds of molecules and many of them found their final destination somewhere in the back of a freezer. While these molecules have little value left for me, I believe they could be valuable for someone else. My goal is to connect scientists through their molecules and facilitate the process of finding the correct person to collaborate with. I believe this will allow chemists to get more value from their molecules, raise awareness of their work and increase the impact it may have. Best case scenario, you co-author a few extra papers. Isn't that what we all want?

Jonathan Cremers, PhD


To find out more about the project or to upload your molecules to the platform, please use the contact information below and we will be sure to get in touch as soon as possible!


Phone: +44 (0)7923 588 362

Dr. Jonathan Cremers

Founder and CEO

Jonathan holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Oxford. He is leading the business side of the project.

Alexandra Darmon

Founder and CTO

Alexandra is a Data Scientist at heart. She has an extensive experience in coding and she manages the technical side of Chemex.